All About Rain Chains


Rain chains are a fashionable and functional home product that people are just discovering for the first time. We love showing off these great home ornaments to someone who has never seen one because it always brings a smile.

The question that we are most commonly asked is, “What exactly ARE rain chains?” Great question, and one that we are always happy to answer. First, a brief history.

In Japan, the practice of capturing rain for use in the household has been going on for centuries. It was quite common for the roof of a house to incorporate a series of downspouts, culminating in a large barrel or bucket, so that no rainwater was wasted. At some point hundreds of years ago, someone decided to add some artistic flair to this process, and the world was introduced to rain chains.

In reality, the way they work is quite simple. Virtually all homes today have gutters, and at the end of the gutter is the downspout. Rainwater hits the roof and travels the downward slope to the gutter. Gravity continues to pull the water gradually toward the corner of the house, where it enters the downspout. Coming out the other end, the rain gently soaks into the ground.

Gutter Chain

Gutter chain is a term used to describe a rain gutter rain chain. Basically, almost every home utilizes rain gutters on their homes and in lieu of a standard downspout a gutter chain also known as a rain chain is substituted. The key reasons being they are far more attractive since they are made of 100% copper and are pleasing to look at and listen to when it is raining.

Consumers are always upgrading their homes spending thousands of dollars on both inside and outside improvements. Gutter chain(s) (rain chain) allows you to upgrade your home with less than a $100 investment that will last a lifetime as copper develops a lovely patina but never rusts or pits.

Our company has been manufacturing and selling gutter chain (rain chains) since the mid 90’s and our customers are always pleased with their purchases. Copper is inherently beautiful and when a 100% copper gutter chain is hanging from your home it captures the attention of friends, family and neighbors. When the rain starts and the water begins to flow down your gutter chain the sounds and beauty of the flowing water will further capture their attention. It is well worth the small investment.

After many years of experience producing and selling gutter chain (rain chains) we are here to assist you with your selection and purchase. There are many styles to choose from but keep in mind any copper gutter chain design will enhance the beauty of your home. We know because it has worked for the thousands of customers we have shipped gutter chain (rain chains) to.

Now imagine that same process, but instead of the downspout, you have a series of 10 to 27 cups held together vertically by a chain that runs through each of them. As the water leaves the gutter and runs into the first cup, it quickly finds a small hole at the bottom of that cup and flows into the next one. The water is continually funneled all the way down to the bottom, where it finally flows into one of our basins, a nice stoneware pot, a rain barrel, or even a small rock garden filled with smooth pebbles. When it comes to rain chains, the only limit is your imagination!

Of course, there are lots of different styles from which to choose. The one described above uses a selection of cups held together by a chain (the copper rain chains are a very popular item). Some of our customers prefer just the simple chain, with no cups. Of course, with that style, the water will fall more quickly since there is nothing to catch it on the way down. Standing too close to one of these, you might find yourself getting splashed a bit!

There are other design options as well. Cup-style rain chains come in a variety of shapes: inverted bells, lilies, sundrops, tulips, even inverted umbrellas.

People tell us that there is just something mesmerizing about watching the rain water as it travels downward. Each drop takes a slightly different course than the last, and the randomness of it seems to be what makes it so interesting to watch.

If your home is in an area that experiences freezing temperatures, you’re in for a real treat. During sunny days, the rain chain will warm up and melt some of the snow. At night it refreezes, leaving attractive and unique ice formations in the morning. Each one is unique, so you will want to have your camera ready to take some amazing photographs!

You will find that the other big attraction to rain chains is the effect they have on your ears. The sound of water, whether it’s the ocean or a small rippling stream, is very soothing. Imagine a warm summer rain on a Saturday afternoon, and you’re sitting near an open window or out on your covered porch. All is silent, except for the sound of the rainwater funneling its way down through one tulip-shaped cup after another. With a good book and perhaps a cup of hot tea, there is no more relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

Our rain chains are made of the highest quality pure copper, so they will last many lifetimes. You may have the perfect location for just one, or you might replace all of your “traditional” downspouts with rain chains. Either way, you will find that they add to the beauty and charm of your home for many years to come.

As you can probably tell, we love our rain chains. Whether you choose a cup style, a ring style or mix it up with both, we are sure that you will grow to love yours as well.


Copper Rain Chains

Copper rain chains…that’s an item that is not commonly seen on someone’s birthday wish list. But as many of our customers will attest, it’s a great idea for a gift. Think ahead for the holidays and get one for each of your friends and family members – and your shopping is all done!

When you give one as a gift, be prepared for a question that is commonly asked: “Thanks, but…what exactly is a copper rain chain?” In Japan, where they originated, they are very commonly seen and most people are familiar with them. They are starting to become popular here in America, but lots of people have still never seen one. So you might need to explain what it is.

A copper rain chain is made of – you guessed it – copper. In fact, we use ONLY 100 percent pure copper in our products to ensure the highest possible quality that will last many lifetimes.

To use one, you must first attach it to the lowest end of your gutter – it actually replaces the traditional downspout with the chain downspout. Installation is very easy
– each one comes with a gutter attachment hook that snaps right in place with no problem. Once you have done that, you’re finished with installation – it’s that easy! Each rain chain comes with installation instructions.

The fun starts the next time your area has some rain. The rain hits your roof and flows into the gutter, then gravity takes it gradually down to the low end of the gutter where your downspout used to be. The rain falls through the hole, and that’s when your copper rain chain goes into action!

The rainwater flows into that first copper cup at the top of the chain. It doesn’t stay there for long, however; very quickly it finds a hole in the bottom that allows it to travel down to the next cup on the chain. The water continues its journey downward, moving from cup to cup, until finally it flows out the bottom of the last cup. Depending on your preference, the water can go into a copper basin, or it can splash into a small rock garden, or it can even just soak directly into the ground. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

So, the primary function of the copper rain chain is to replace the “normal” downspout that is seen on most homes today. Why be normal? There are some great advantages to this alternative method of water flow control.

One thing people tell us is that they love the sound of the water as it makes its way down the copper rain chain. Have you ever sat by a running river or creek and just listened to the water flowing downstream? If so, you know that the sound of flowing water has a soothing, relaxing effect on the human mind and spirit. You just can’t help but enjoy the tranquility of the moment when you hear that sound. Now you don’t have to find a flowing river to experience it – we bring it to you, every time the rain falls. Some of our customers – and their children – actually look forward to rainy days now, because of their rain chains!

Another aspect of enjoyment is just watching it happen. Like snowflakes that are completely unique, no two drops of water take the exact same path down the copper rain chain. There is a certain randomness that makes watching it all the more interesting, and perhaps even mesmerizing. It has been said that the simplest things can be the most entertaining, and this is a good example.

So the next time you have guests over, and it’s pouring rain, and you can’t play tennis or go for a walk or a bike ride, remember you have something unique that they have probably not seen before. You can all watch the “show” right from your living room window – courtesy of your copper rain chain.

Chain Downspouts

Chain downspouts – it’s a term that is not very familiar to many people. Our business is not just selling them; we also do our best to educate our clients on what they are, how they work, and the benefits of owning one or several. Once you learn about them, we hope that you will want to get one or more for yourself!

Alternatives to Rain Gutters purchase Rain Chain Downspouts

Chain downspouts actually originated centuries ago in ancient Japan (they are called kusari-doi there). The people of that era were very in tune with the elements, so they came up with this concept that is pleasing to both the eye and the ear. At the same time, they discovered that their new ornament was also surprisingly functional. It was a great way for the rain to get from the roof of the house to the ground. The new item quickly spread around the country, and is still popular there today.

Here in the US, we are doing our best to replace traditional “boring” downspouts with the much more interesting chain downspouts. Most homes today still have the standard type that is enclosed, concealing the sight and sound of the water. Granted, those downspouts do operate efficiently; the water travels that eight or ten foot distance quickly, and soaks into the ground below without any problems. But that system offers only function, not beauty.

Every copper rain chain in our product line is made of the highest quality pure 100% copper, which is why we offer a full satisfaction guarantee. Over time, the appearance will transform from shiny copper to a wonderful brown patina. Rain chains purchased from us will never rust – we guarantee it.

Chain downspouts are becoming more and more widely used because of their beauty and functionality. We are very happy to play a part in replacing “traditional” downspouts with this much more interesting alternative. Our products are designed to last many lifetimes, they are environmentally friendly, and we can’t think of a better way to enhance the appearance of your home!

Rain Downspouts

Rain downspouts (aka. rain chains) are capturing the attention of homeowners from Alaska to Zimbabwe. Regardless of the size or location of your home decorative rain downspouts are becoming the preferable alternative to standard downspouts. Rain downspouts not only look better but provide a soothing experience as the water cascades down through the individual cups or links. As more and more homeowners hear about rain downspouts rain gutter installers are receiving requests to install a rain chain in lieu of a standard downspout. The cost differential between a standard downspout and a rain downspout (rain chain) is minimal and in turn a 100% copper rain downspout will last indefinitely as copper does not rust or pit.

Even on days without rain, copper rain downspouts are aesthetically pleasing to look at and further enhance the beauty and value of your home. Every homeowner wants the best for their homes and with a small investment any home with rain gutters can have a rain downspout (rain chain) installed. It only takes a few minutes and no tools are required except for a screwdriver for removing your old downspout.

Daily we receive calls and emails from consumers as they become aware of decorative rain downspouts. Although rain downspouts originate back to Japan hundreds of years ago the concept is more important today than ever before. Collecting water is critical as our fresh water supplies are in decline worldwide and becoming a major environmental issue. Rain water is collected in many countries worldwide and rain that hits the roof of homes with a rain downspout (rain chain) can be saved and used for a variety of uses. These include but are not limited to bathing, drinking, watering plants, feeding animals, etc.

As we enter a new decade all of us need to be more aware than ever before of our environment and our economy. Cutting costs and protecting the environment is a major focus for many. By installing copper rain downspouts you are using a natural product that can save you money collecting water and is environmentally friendly unlike stainless steel or tin both of which will rust.

Rain downspouts will be a part of every home for years to come. From warm weather to frigid climates rain downspouts are fashionable and functional and add additional beauty to your home. We are certain you will love your rain downspout (rain chain) as we receive emails and calls from satisfied customers regularly and have yet to receive a negative comment.

Enjoy your rain downspouts (rain chains)!

Decorative Downspouts

Decorative downspouts are becoming more and more popular. Not long ago, most people had never even heard of the concept. Think back to the house your family lived in when you were growing up. Remember playing out in the rain, and hearing the water fall down from the gutter? No decorative downspouts there – just the plain white or earth-tone colors and nothing fancy about them at all. They were only viewed as a purely functional part of the house, and nothing more. If you took a walk down the street, you would see more of the same – people just did not think of “dressing up” that part of their house. The only time you may have seen decorative downspouts would be around the holidays, when there might have been some colorful lights strung around them.

That is now changing – and we are happy to be a part of this growing movement. One of the things we love about this business is that we have the opportunity to communicate with homeowners all across the country. They often tell us that not only are they thinking of ways to have decorative downspouts, but their neighbors are as well. Perhaps in the not too distant future, there may be a street in your neighborhood in which the old, traditional downspouts are actually the exception!

What are some of the reasons that homeowners are discovering decorative downspouts? Of course, each one has their own thinking on this subject, but here are a few ideas:

  • Affordability – there’s no doubt that decorative downspouts are one of the least expensive ways that you can add some beauty (and functionality) to your home. Sure, you could add a pool, contract for an expensive landscaping project, have pavers installed on your driveway, or a variety of other home improvements. But those things, while nice to have, are all quite costly. Decorating the downspouts around your home certainly will never require you to take out a second mortgage.
  • Charm – if you have some friends over for a dinner party, there is a good chance that some of them will notice. This is especially true of your decorative downspouts are rain chains or some other unusual, unique way of decorating. Since people usually see just the typical outdoor attachments on each corner of the house, something that is different will catch their eye. That will most likely be one of the topics of conversation over dinner that evening!
  • Functionality – perhaps there has been a recent ice or wind storm, and your original downspouts have become damaged or destroyed. Hail can also wreak havoc on the sheet metal that downspouts are made of. Another possibility is that your home may have never had any downspouts – t he water just runs from the end of the gutter right to the ground. In that case, you would not be replacing anything – you would be creating or installing brand new decorative downspouts. They could be bamboo, copper cups, or just rings – they all serve the purpose of transporting the water from the gutter to the ground.
  • Sales tool – in our current economy, a lot of people are trying to sell their home. If you ask any real estate agent, he or she will tell you that when presenting a home to a potential buyer, it’s the little things that count. Prospective home buyers might look at several homes, but if they are shown your home with the decorative downspouts, there’s a good chance they will remember that. You can make your home stand out from the crowd with this one little added touch – and it could make the difference.

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