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When we demonstrate our chain downspouts to someone for the first time, the first reaction is always the same: a smile.

All of our rain chains come pre-packaged at 8.5' in length with the exception that 6 of our styles we offer 3' extensions (view 3' extension tab). If you need extra footage of a style we do not offer a 3' extension on you would need to purchase two chains and remove what you do not need. All styles can easily be made longer or shorter. This is something you would do before you install them.

Here are some common questions that are frequently asked:

Q: How long does shipping take for rain chains?

We ship UPS Ground (Canada and Hawaii orders are shipped USPS).

In most cases we ship rain chains and basins the same day as we receive your order. Ship times are as follows in business days:

West Coast: 1 - 4 days Midwest: 3 - 5 days East Coast: 4 - 7 days

NOTE : Overnight and 2 day shipping orders must be received by 2pm EST. If received after 2pm the order ships next business day.

 Q: Does it matter where chain downspouts are hung?

There are some factors to consider when deciding the best location for your new home ornament.

First, consider the effect of splashing. If hung too close to a walkway or porch, those passing by might find themselves getting a bit wet during a heavy rain. In general, the ones made of just the copper loops linked together tend to be the “splashiest” – for a location with foot traffic nearby, chain downspouts that use cups might be more appropriate. They can handle the flow of water more easily as it is funneled from the top to the bottom.

Second, it’s nice to have a spot where it can be easily seen. If you have a window near where your gutter drains, that could be an ideal spot. This would allow you to “see the show” up close, but without getting wet. You might even be able to open the window a bit and enjoy the sound of the water as well.

Q: Do I need to anchor the bottom end?

The end of the rain chain can be anchored in various ways, but that is really just a personal preference rather than a necessity. It can swing freely unless you live in an area that is exceptionally windy. As an alternative, you can hang it into a barrel to collect the rainwater, or you can use one of our copper basins. Both of these options prevent the rain from hitting the ground directly.

Q: What is the function of a rain chain?

Like a downspout, rain chains allow a steady flow of water off of your roof from the rain gutter. Unlike a downspout a rain chain allows you to watch the cascading water through the cups or links with the soothing sound of flowing water. Cup styles tend to offer a more tinkling sound than the link styles.

Q: Do I need rain gutters to use my rain chain?

No. Although rain chains work best when attached to a rain gutter they can also be used wherever water flows off your roof or shed. It is helpful when the water flow is concentrated into the rain chain to maximize the function of the rain chain. You can also hang smaller sections on a shepherds hook in the garden to enhance the garden appearance.

Q: What is the difference between the cup and link style?

The cup style concentrates the flow of water and during heavy rains will contain water more so than link styles. Both are functional and attractive with water flowing through them. Cup styles are easier to shorten or lengthen because the cups can easily be removed or added where the link may require soldering.

Q: Will my rain chain maintain its shiny copper appearance?

Our rain chains are made from 100% copper which through normal usage will darken with age and develop a beautiful patina finish. Our rain chains will last many lifetimes.

Q: Do I have to take down my rain chain in the winter?

No. Many of our customers live in cold and snowy sections of the country and rain chains are very attractive when covered in ice or snow.
During the day ice may melt and overnight refreeze leaving beautiful ice formations.

Q: Will high winds affect the rain chains?

Rarely have we heard of any issues with wind. Due to the open design only a very strong wind will cause some swaying but it will be minimal and should not affect the function of the rain chain.

Q: How much do rain chains weigh?

Our rain chains average between 5 - 7 lbs and are not an issue hanging from most rain gutters.

Q: How long does it take to install a rain chain?

Rain chains are easy to install and usually takes only a few minutes. It literally takes longer to get your ladder out. Each rain chain comes with installation instructions.

Q:Where does the water flow into from a rain chain?

Like a downspout the water flow from your rain chain can go direct into your drainage pipe or you can purchase one of our basins. The basins allow you to use the collected water for plants, rinsing outdoor furniture or other uses where water can be used.

Q: What is your return policy?

You may return an item for refund or replacement within 30 days of the shipment date. Product cannot be used. All returns are subject to a 15% re-stocking fee. Shipping charges are non-refundable. All returns must be called in or emailed and accompanied by a RA# which is provided by us via email.  You may want to insure your return; we cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected returns. If you paid for your order by credit card, a refund will be issued and appear on your billing statement.

Use our secure online Shopping Cart to order products or call us: 800-372-3319 All payments will appear on your credit card statement as "Rainchains" You will receive a confirmation email when you submit your order, then a separate email when the order is shipped with UPS information and a tracking number.

Q: What is your guarantee policy?

We guarantee our products for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If, for any reason, a product breaks or fails due to a manufacturing flaw we'll either repair the item or send you a replacement.

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