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Our rain chains are 100% pure copper

  • A green eco-friendly product
  • Our rain chains are standard 8.5 ft. - can easily be made longer or shorter
  • Gutter hook attachment included with every rain chain for easy installation
  • Same day shipping for orders received by 5pm EST
  • Wholesale inquiries welcome 

100 % copper rain chains are a fun, fashionable and extremely functional alternative to ugly downspouts.

Your family, friends and neighbors will enjoy watching rain water cascade down your rain chain.

Everyone loves them and they also make wonderful gifts year round.

Come winter in the North - Don't worry! Rain chains look beautiful covered in snow. 

Ice formations will be ever-changing as the sun warms the rain chain during the day and re-freezes at night. 

Weight is not a problem. Rain chains hold a limited amount of snow and the ice never gets heavy enough to affect your rain gutters. 

When purchasing a rain chain make certain it is 100% copper.

Don't be fooled by copper plated rain chains.

They will fade and rust within a couple of years. 

RainChainSuperStore sells only 100% copper rain chains. 

100% copper rain chains will never rust!

Overtime your rain chains will develop a beautiful patina finish and since we only use 100% copper your rain chain will last a lifetime.   

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Manufacturing 100% copper rain chains since 1996

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RainChainSuperStore encourages everyone to make an effort to employ the use of natural and raw materials as an alternative to man made products. Your purchase from RainChainSuperStore takes us one step closer to making this planet a safer and healthier place to live. Rain chains are enviromentally friendly and literally every home can be enhanced by adding 100% copper rain chains in place of ugly downspouts. 

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Email: sales@RainChainSuperStore.com